A 'Spring' in our step

Publisher's note by Amy Irwin

Well, we appeared to have made it through another winter in Grey and Bruce counties! I hope you took advantage of some of the beautiful snow we had!

Our family spent a lot of time at the arena, cheering on our daughter’s hockey team, as well as many of our friends’ children. I love how the community comes together at the arena, especially during those exciting playoff games! However, I am looking forward to fewer Zamboni fumes in my life!

We have curated another awesome issue of Grey-Bruce Kids for you this spring. A major change in Canadian law is happening this summer when marijuana is legalized. The Grey Bruce Health Unit has laid out some great facts and tips to inform yourself and to open that conversation with your kids in ‘What’s up with Weed?’ on Page 6.

Also in this issue is an informative and easy-to-understand article about food allergies, by local holistic nutritionist Roselinde Hack (Page 10), while Sara Porter, of the Pink Umbrella Retreat Centre, has contributed a great article about meditation for children (Page 14). Learning to meditate has been at the top of my to-do list lately, and her article prompted me to pursue it further, not just for my benefit but to get our children involved too. Finally, Christy Kelly, from Investors Group in Port Elgin, provides us with some awesome financial literacy tips in a fun and informative way. She has a ton of knowledge to share from her personal experiences and I came away with some practical ideas to apply to our family, as I also have one saver and one spender!

As always, my gratitude goes to our advertisers, readers, writers and distributors. Thank you for your continued support for Grey-Bruce Kids, the only publication for parents and caregivers in the area. We love to hear from our readers, so be sure to reach out and let me know what you enjoy, and if you have story ideas for future issues, please let me know!  

Happy a wonderful Spring!

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